Toyota Supra E85 Fuel Conversion Package w/ AEM EMS

Toyota Supra E85 Fuel Conversion Package w/ AEM EMS
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Toyota Supra E85 Fuel Conversion Package w/ AEM EMS
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DISCONTINUED INDEFINITELY. Looking for an E85 compatible fuel system? Let us know via email or phone!!

The 2JZGTE Supra is a great platform for converting to run either pure E85 ethanol or a combination of E85 and/or premium unleaded gas.

Our E85 Fuel Conversion Package has a number of options, which will accomodate stock twin-turbos, BPU and those with significantly upgraded single or big twin kits.

Our system is simple. We provide from our drop down menu, a couple of options in regards to the fuel system (injector size) and an AEM V2 EMS system, complete with Map and IAT sensors and a AEM V2 E85 Custom Fuel Map, 100% specific to your car.

The ordering process is detailed, but simple to follow:

1. Select HP Level (this will tell us which injectors to provide to you)

2. Select the number of in-tank pumps based upon power level (this allows us to configure system to your car)

3. Select which AEM EMS Map(s) you desire for your car

4. Select MAP sensor size. If you will be on stock twins running up to 500hp then the 3.5 bar is all you need. All other's should go with the 5.0 bar sensor

5. If you will be getting a premium unleaded fuel map as well, then please let us know the fuel Octane you want us to build the map to.

6. If you want a race gas map, please select fuel octane level or email us to confirm. Race gas map is an additional $100.

The breakthrough has come in two main areas of expertise. Firstly, the issue of the engine management system (EMS) being able to properly control the change-over to an alcohol based fuel. This can now be done on a variety of EMS on the market today. Secondly, the issue was one of E85 compatibility with the components of the fuel system. In actuality, the components have been readily available for decades, it is just no one wanted to do this for the Supra s there wasn't much of a market in America. With countries like Brazil going to a complete swap to alcohol based fuels, the trend is ever present.

The benefit of E85 is a significant, in that it provides a cooling effect, residual power gains, solid detonation control and it is very cost-effective (when available). In daily-driving cars, it will allow for more street boost and a better alternative to driving on race-fuel, which is expensive and in many cases semi-corrosive.

It takes larger fuel injectors to run E85, so for example if you have a stock or BPU twin turbo Supra with USA specification 550cc injectors, we will upgrade these to 865cc, which will support all the boost you can make at BPU levels and it will allow you to run either E85 or Premium Unleaded Fuel, as we will provide two V2 AEM Maps, one for E85 and one for the octane level of premium fuel you have available in your area.

We can build maps for any Supra, US Spec, UK Spec, Euro Spec and Japan Spec (JDM), all selectable from the drop down menu.

What will I actually receive?

One (1) RK Plug n Play Fuel System (with correct injector size). This is the ultimate fuel system kit and includes everything pre-assembled, pre-wired, ready to drop in. You can see this kit on the front page of our website. It is the best there is, period. Optional dual or triple pump.

One (1) AEM V2 EMS complete with 3.5 or 5.0 bar map sensor and an Intake Air Temperature sensor

One (1) AEM V2 E85 Fuel Map and/or E85 and Unleaded Fuel. If you want a third map for race fuel, that is optional at extra cost.

The AEM Map will be designed based upon your current configuration of modifications, which we will ask you for upon order. Map is designed to get you up and running and ready for final tuning.

If you have another combination you are interested in, just let us know either via email or through our toll free number.

Another innovation from the world leader in Toyota Supra Performance Parts.