SupraStore ProSeries T6 Twin Wastegate Manifold

SupraStore ProSeries T6 Twin Wastegate Manifold
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SupraStore ProSeries T6 Twin Wastegate Manifold

SupraStore ProSeries T6 Twin Wastegate Manifold
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Our team at have been involved in the 2JZ world for quite some time. Our founder Mark owned the world's first stock block 1000 HP Supra, all the way back in 2001.

For years, people have been asking why you must pay $1700+ for a turbo manifold. I understand it takes time to engineer, test-fit, build a prototype, then build a jig, just to offer a header.

This costs money and quality fabricators (check out our x-ray verified welds!!) are not cheap either. Our goal was under $1000 for a world-class hand-made manifold for the Supra community, which we have been a part of longer than any business on the planet.

Our 304SS tig welded 2JZ "mid-large frame version" exhaust manifold scavenges like none other on the market, with efficient runner designs and a proven collector. They are finished in a brushed-stainless "raw-look"; but we can ceramic coat them at extra cost, if that is what you require. They are robust, handle heat cycles correctly, and are guaranteed to perform.

The No. 1 runner is designed differently over our standard ProSeries manifold, and has a lower swept design to the number one runner. The overall turbo collector region is reconfigured to sit over 1/2" lower in the engine bay to provide maximum clearance for larger compressor cover turbochargers, while at the same time providing for an efficient overall layout.

The design clears the shock tower, and is the single best value for a manifold specifically designed for the traditional GT42 or GT45 style/size turbos.

If you require wastegate flanges welded in, this is available as an option in the drop down menu. Please note on some cars, the wastegate placement may need slight tweaking. You will need to test fit yourself and orient as necessary.

This version is designed specifically for higher horsepower turbochargers that utilize mid-frame or (very large) compressor housing diameters (9-10"). Fitment is perfect, so why spend $2000 on a mid-frame manifold when ours is just as nice, flows incredibly well, and is priced for half?