HKS Supra Camshaft 2JZGTE

HKS Supra Camshaft 2JZGTE
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HKS Supra Camshaft 2JZGTE
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Please note that while HKS products are high quality, there are cams that have much better power curves and make more power and for less money. If I were building an engine today, I would buy another camshaft manufacturer and not HKS.

Contrary to what some say, you can get a 272 degree cam to idle near perfectly at 1000 rpm. My Supra equipped with the T78 Single Turbo Kit gained almost 50 peak RWHP with just a change to HKS 272 cams. These cams are a MUST for large single and twin turbo cars. Drivability if installed properly is excellent, with only a slight idle change.

If you take a look at the incredible R&D work that HKS Japan did on a HKS T04R single turbo equipped Supra (see below accessory), you will notice a comparison of various HKS camshafts. This is the type of data that has been missing for a long time to Supra enthusiasts. As you can see if you are looking for maximum HP at higher rpm's, then the 272 degree cams are the units for you with almost 20rwhp more power than either HKS 256 or 264 degree cams. The trade off with 272's is you lose power on the low-end, in some cases up to 80rwhp, until you get to the higher rpms.

For smaller single turbo Supras and those that want to build power sooner in the power band the we suggest going with a combination of 264 degree intake and 264 degree exhaust camshafts.

There has always been internet conversation on the benefits or not of using higher lift camshafts on Supras with the factory twin turbos. The old rule of thumb was there was very little to be gained in using camshafts unless you had more airflow from larger turbo(s). We have just recently had a customer who installed 264 degree camshafts on his 1994 Supra Twin Turbo (running 20psi of boost). Without any other changes he gained 22rwhp and a significantly better pull on the top-end.

It is this real-life data that has caused us to recommend the possibility of adding camshafts to those who are still running the factory twin turbos. HKS offers 256, 264 and 272 degree camshafts. Some thought that 256 cams would offer some help at the BPU level, but not much if the same owner upgraded his turbos at a later date. We agree that 256 degree HKS camshafts do not offer enough bang for the buck and recommend 264 degree intake and exhaust camshafts for Supras with factory twin turbos running 18+ psi

One question we receive often at is in regards to the usage of the stock valvetrain when upgrading to a performance camshaft. The answer is simple. There are NO valvetrain enhancements or modifications of any kind required to run HKS or JUN camshafts on either a factory twin turbo or large turbo 2JZGTE Supra.

Installation time for two camshafts with a good mechanic is approximately 4 hours. It is a good time to do the timing belt and install cam gears as well.

Price is for one camshaft. You need two.