Titan Supra 2JZGTE 280 Degree Camshaft Set (intake and exhaust)
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Titan Supra 2JZGTE 280 Degree Camshaft Set (intake and exhaust)

Titan Supra 2JZGTE 280 Degree Camshaft Set (intake and exhaust)
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We have worked with various manufacturers and privateer race teams as well as the semi-factory funded teams like Titan on many projects. I have known Nero at Titan since he shared a room with his brother Bottle and sold used parts out of his mom's garage.

Fast forward a few years and Titan is now building and supplying some excellent 2JZGTE and Toyota Supra performance parts including camshafts.

Did I say "camshafts", yes, ultra-proven, performance camshafts that flat our perform. In this case the 280 degree intake or exhaust TMS camshaft, that is designed for those that want to make BIG BIG power on the street or for those race programs that need the extra mph on the big-end down the track.

Why buy from us? We sell them for a bit less (every bit helps, right?) and stock them most all the time.

Specification blurb: After months of development and testing in race and street applications, we are proud to release the much anticipated Titan Camshafts. Gone are the days of being stuck to choose from 1-2 durations of standard lift camshafts and having to base your tune and setup around it. These camshafts are typically suited for engines with turbo combinations 70mm or larger.

Titan 280 Cam Intake - 280 Duration / 9.45mm lift Titan 280 Cam Exhaust - 280 Duration / 9.45mm lift

**Denotes High Lift / Valve Springs Needed**

Complete with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you test these cams and are not happy with the results after tuning, return them within 30 days of you original shipment and we will refund 100% of the price of the camshafts (shipping not included). These cams are a high lift camshaft and require a valve spring upgrade. If you are running stock valve springs we have other options in development that will work for these applications.

Price is for two (2) camshafts. 1 - 280 degree intake and 1 - 280 degree exhaust camshaft.

Go fast, go straight and be safe!