ProSeries Stage 6 2JZGTE Borg Warner 82mm Dual Gate 1300WHP Turbo Kit Toyota Supra - Borg Warner, Titan, Tial, Precision * Free Shipping!
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ProSeries Stage 6 2JZGTE Borg Warner 82mm Dual Gate 1300WHP Turbo Kit Toyota Supra - Borg Warner, Titan, Tial, Precision * Free Shipping!
ProSeries Stage 6 2JZGTE Borg Warner 82mm Dual Gate 1300WHP Turbo Kit Toyota Supra - Borg Warner, Titan, Tial, Precision * Free Shipping!

ProSeries Stage 6 2JZGTE Borg Warner 82mm Dual Gate 1300WHP Turbo Kit Toyota Supra - Borg Warner, Titan, Tial, Precision * Free Shipping!
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Our ProSeries, the 2JZGTE Turbo Kit is fitted with only the best parts, period.

ProSeries turbo kits are available in Stages (0-6) and also are designed around our amazing ProSeries manifold configurations: Divided Manifold, Un-Divided Manifold, Twin Scroll Manifold (dual-gate), Quick Spool Valve Manifold & T6 Manifold.

We looked at anything and everything from old school Japanese kits (outdated, horrible spooling turbos, expensive!!) to some competitors (some name brands and over-priced!)and were not satisfied, so we built our own kit.

ProSeries has our specifications, Borg Warner Turbos, Precision or TiAL Wastegates, SS ProSeries 304SS Turbo Manifold, SupraStore downpipe, and Titan Oil Feed/Drain Set-Up Kit.

The idea behind this kit is simple. The single most powerful T4 based single turbo ever produced!! Street/Race 1300+ RWHP, killer top end. Borg Warner 82mm J-Type with power only ever seen before on a T6 turbo, mounted on a ProSeries Divided Mid-Frame Low Slant T4 Manifold. It is designed to clear the strut tower and hood on JZA80 Supra's, but can be used in any 2JZGTE application.

It uses the best products, make as much usable power as possible and offer the lowest cost possible. People ask, can you really daily drive a 1300+ RWHP turbo? Of course you can, they drive very well around town, until you need to rip off some tire shredding power. Better know how to drive with this set-up, as it can spin the tires on the freeway at 100 MPH!

This kit utilizes the ProSeries in-house developed 304 stainless steel T4 mid-frame low slant turbo manifold. This is not some cheap China made manifold, but a TIG welded, jigged ProSeries design and comes with dual wastegate flanges pre-welded and ready to bolt on the included TiAL or Precision wastegates. Rock-solid boost control.

Our thought on the Stage 6 kit is the biggest power you can make on a traditional T4 turbo and manifold combination and still fit it under the hood (bonnet). We have included two TiAL style blow off valves for this kit to cover the added air flow from the 82mm Borg Warner Turbo.

Working together with Borg Warner Air Werks Division, who are the worlds largest developer of advanced turbo charger technology and have an R&D budget 50x that of Precision Turbo and 5x that of Garrett. With our 15 years of 2JZ experience, we are pleased to recommend this system for both insane street and drag race use. If you can drive, you can pull over 170 MPH 1/4's and 250MPH+ standing miles with this set-up--and drive home with A/C and cruise control!

With this kit, you will receive:

(1) ProSeries Tubular Divided Mid Frame T4 304SS Stainless Turbo Manifold

(2) Wastegate Flanges Pre-Welded to Manifold

(1) Borg Warner S400 82mm V-Band 360 degree thrust bearing Turbocharger

(2) Precision 46mm Waste Gates V-Band or TiAL 44mm Waste Gates

(2) SS 700 Blow Off Valve (TiAL or HKS Replica) or Genuine BOV

(1) Titan Oil Feed & Return Set-Up Kit

(1) K&N Direct Fit Conical Air Filter

Please note that our new kit has the SupraStore stainless-steel, V-band down pipe as an option if want to purchase the best priced single turbo down pipe on the market.

As with all single turbo kits, you will need a midpipe (after down pipe) to connect to your exhaust and one intercooler tube to go from turbo to your current intercooler.

Turbo Specs - Borg Warner

The brand new 82mm S400SX FMW turbocharger from BorgWarner's 2011 AirWerks lineup is the single most powerful and highest flowing T4 footprint turbo ever released to the high performance racing community.

This turbo is ideal for people who want to make power levels typically seen with T6 turbos; but with better fitment, faster spool, and without the need to change the manifold or downpipe. Using state-of-the-art blade aero on both the 82mm inducer/110mm exducer compressor and the 87mm turbine wheel, this turbo is designed for use in high power and high boost 900-1300+ WHP applications.

The S400SX shares identical fitment as GT42R (5" compressor inlet and 4" V-band turbine outlet) and is ideal for applications looking for T6 levels of power, but with T4 spool and fitment. Available with a 1.10 A/R turbine housing OR upgradeable to a 1.25 A/R for extremely high boost operations and if extra exhaust flow is required.

Journal Bearing and Oil Cooled only (watercooling and BB CHRA not applicable).

Pictured is the single gate version of this kit, which was custom built for a massive single waste gate, along with the S400SX-82mm Borg Warner (exact turbo you receive). Single wastegate option is available.

Note: We can supply almost any turbo with our kits, so if you have a strong-preference, let us know. Borg Warner, COMP, Garrett, PHR, Bullseye, Turbonetics, etc.